Fabio Biscarini


Fabio Biscarini is  Full Professor of Chemistry at University of Modena and Reggio Emilia  (UNIMORE) and Senior Researcher at the  Center for Translational Neurophysiology-Istituto Italiano di  Tecnologia in Ferrara, where he heads the research line “Organic  Neuroelectronics”.

Biscarini  received a laurea in Industrial Chemistry cum Laude at Università di  Bologna with Prof. Claudio Zannoni, and a Ph.D. in Chemistry at  University of Oregon (USA) with Prof. Carlos Bustamante and Prof. V.  M. Kenkre. He was postdoc at CNR Bologna with Prof. Carlo Taliani (ISM)  and Prof. Piergiorgio Merli (LAMEL) in 1994-1995. He was CNR Researcher  (1996-2001), Senior Scientist (2002-2010), and Research Director  (12/2010-02/2013).

His research  interests are organic bioelectronics, label-free biosensors, implantable  devices for bidirectional communication with the brain, organic  neuromorphic devices. 

He is co-inventor  of 19 patents. He founded three start-up companies: Scriba  Nanotecnologie srl (2005-to date), Nano4bio Srl (2008-2015), Organic  Bioelectronics Srl (2019-to date). He was awarded the 2012 Premio  Sapio Industria, and the 2007 EU-Descartes Prize and he is Fellow of  the Royal Society of Chemistry since 2004, and Member of the Accademia  delle Scienze di Modena since 2017.