The human body is an unexhausting factory of chemical and electrical signals that carry a lot of information about us, our health, our well-being. 

If each of us were able to read these signals in real time or at glance in everyday life, we could better monitor our own health status, intervene early to prevent risks, pathologies and disfunctions, or simply enhance or correct our wellness, personal care, or physical performance. 

Organic Bioelectronics offers unprecedented solutions for personalized sensing of the signals from the human body. Our technology, developed in decades of multidisciplinary research, enables the design and production of sensors that are easy-to-use, ultralight, impalpable, low cost and low power, but above all, that communicate with us.

Know Yourself”: the Greeks understood its importance, transmitting the aphorism gnvthi seautón to the Romans ( “Nosce Te Ipsum”). In 2020, Organic Bioelectronics expand their vision towards the future.